Small Beaded Quetzal Earrings

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Approximate measurements:  0.5 inch wide and 2 inches long

These Bird earrings are more than just pretty jewelry. They stand for something special and unique. It is a perfect casual piece that can brighten up any outfit.
 These Beadwork earrings are elegant and make a great addition to your outfit. Very lightweight and eye-catching! Be ready to get a lot of compliments with these beautiful earrings. They are elegant, fashionable, and highly versatile, suitable for everyday wear. These Hanging earrings are a perfect gift for Birds lover or nature lovers.

The Quetzal is the National Bird of Guatemala. Quetzals are located primarily in the jungle and humid areas of South and Central America. Bird enthusiasts consider the quetzal one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

These pretty hanging earrings are handmade in Guatemala by indigenous Mayan women. Your purchase can support the artisan in the Highlands of Guatemala. The local economy has very limited options to earn money. Your purchases in our store help us to provide income and work for families in various parts of Guatemala. These women work from home so that they may also care for their children and tend to their other household responsibilities.