Vintage Orange San Juan Comalapa Huipil, M - 1X

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PRE LOVED, machine embroidery in good condition. Medium to 1X

Approximate Measurement: 

Armpit to armpit 28 Inches wide

56 Inches all around

21 Inches long

Model normally wears size 8 US

 Check Sizing Guide – Saviaguate

San Juan Comalapa Machine Embroidery Dark Orange Huipil


Embrace the vibrant spirit of San Juan Comalapa with our exquisite Dark Orange Huipil. This unique piece seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Let’s explore the details:

  • Torso Color: The dark orange hue, meticulously woven on a pedal loom, envelops the huipil.
  • Hand Embroidery: The decoration features intricate hand-embroidered motifs, including birds and grapes. Each stitch tells a story of culture and heritage.
  • Symbolism:
    • Birds: Symbolize freedom, transcendence, and connection to the spiritual realm.
    • Grapes: Represent abundance, fertility, and the harvest season.

Care Instructions:

  • Gentle Care: Hand wash the huipil in cold water using mild detergent.
  • Lay Flat to Dry: Avoid wringing or twisting. Lay it flat on a clean towel to dry naturally.

San Juan Comalapa:

  • The Florence of America: San Juan Comalapa is affectionately called the “Florence of America” due to its thriving community of Kaqchikel Maya painters. These artists continue the legacy of Andrés Curruchich, who achieved international success with his oil paintings in the 1930s.
  • Birthplace of Rafael Álvarez Ovalle: The composer of Guatemala’s national anthem hails from this picturesque town.

Wear the Dark Orange Huipil proudly, knowing that it carries the essence of San Juan Comalapa’s artistic heritage.