Vintage Green San Juan Comalapa Huipil, L - 1X

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It fits sizes L to XL. Model normally wears size 8 US

Approximate Measurement: 

Armpit to armpit 26 Inches wide

52 Inches all around

22 Inches long

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As an ecologist who deeply appreciates sustainable practices, let me weave a vivid tapestry of appreciation for the Green Hand-Embroidered Huipil from San Juan Comalapa. 🌿

The Art of Revival: A Huipil’s Journey

Craftsmanship and Conservation

In the heart of San Juan Comalapa, where the sun kisses the fertile soil, skilled artisans breathe life into textiles that transcend generations. This huipil, lovingly crafted on a pedal loom, embodies the essence of sustainability—a vibrant symphony of colors woven into thick, durable fabric.

A Botanical Overture

Green, the hue of renewal, whispers secrets of chlorophyll and growth. Imagine the loom’s rhythmic dance, intertwining threads like vines reaching for the sun. Around the chest and shoulders, delicate hand embroidery blooms—a garden of pink, blue, purple, yellow, red, and orange flowers. Each stitch tells a story, connecting us to the earth and its cycles.

Symbolism Woven in Threads

  1. Flowers: These blossoms symbolize life, resilience, and the ever-renewing seasons. They remind us that beauty thrives even in adversity.
  2. Colors: Each shade carries significance:
    • Pink: Energy and dawn—the promise of new beginnings.
    • Blue: Sky and water—a harmonious balance.
    • Purple: Royalty and creativity—a regal fusion.
    • Yellow: Sunlight and warmth—an invitation to growth.
    • Red: Vitality and passion—a heartbeat.
    • Orange: Fire and transformation—a metamorphosis.

A Rarity in Time

This huipil is more than fabric; it’s a collection piece—a relic of disappearing artistry. Hand-embroidery, once abundant, now dances on the edge of memory. As we wear it, we honor the hands that wove it, the stories it carries, and the legacy it represents.

San Juan Comalapa: The Florence of America

In this highland town, where Kaqchikel Maya painters flourish, creativity blooms like wildflowers after rain. The streets echo with the spirit of Andrés Curruchich, who painted with oil in the 1930s, igniting a tradition that spans generations. Here, the huipil isn’t just clothing; it’s a canvas of resilience and defiance.

The Ecologist’s Plea

Wear this huipil proudly, for it embodies the three Rs:

  • Reuse: By adorning yourself in repurposed beauty, you honor the environment.
  • Revive: Each stitch breathes life into fading traditions.
  • Respect: Cherish this living artifact, for it whispers of a world we must protect.

Let this huipil be your anthem—a symphony of sustainability, woven with love and purpose. 🌺



L to 1X